Two-Year Olds




Infant/Toddler Program
We focus on activities that teach the babies and toddlers about themselves, others, their surroundings, and the world outside. Caregivers work with infants and toddlers to develop a trusting relationship that fosters healthy social and emotional development, as well as language acquisition and motor control. Toddlers are encouraged to build on and move toward independence. Problem solving, understanding abstract concepts, toileting, and cooperation are introduced. The child’s language development is a key objective of this level.

Two-Year Old Program
We focus on language in our two-year old classrooms. This program looks at the individual child, and strives to meet his or her needs rather than the child meeting the programs needs. We stimulate both language and cognitive development through the use of puppets and props that motivate and capture the interests of your child. All programs are implemented individually or in small groups.

Preschool Program
The learning program or curriculum in each of our classrooms is based on principles of child development, individualization for each child, and culturally relevant practices. Each classroom is arranged in a variety of learning centers to include blocks, table toys (manipulatives), dramatic play and housekeeping corner, art, science, math, literacy, sensory (sand and water), computer, music and movement, and outdoors. As experiences are planned for children in each of the learning centers, the teachers will take into account each child’s interests, strengths, needs, and family and cultural background.

Individualization of the program for each child is an important aspect of our program. Each child then has an Individual Child’s Plan that includes specific goals and strategies for accomplishing the goals. Individual goals for children are implemented within the daily learning program and supported by the family. Center staff and the parents on an on-going basis review this plan. In addition, the program uses a supplemental literacy curriculum. We understand the importance of early literacy skills and the relation to early school success.

The Second Step Program is used to support the social emotional development of the preschool children.